Global Electronics B.V. expands production capacity

Meino tour | 10 JUNE 2020


The company Global Electronics B.V. from Twente will take an extra production line for complex printed circuit boards into use this summer. The investment is a direct response to the demand for more production capacity. Global Electronics B.V. gets more demand for printed circuit boards that are produced 'close to home'.

Global Electronics B.V., based in Haaksbergen, has been active as an EMS-er (= electronic manufacturing services) for 27 years. The company is a producer of high tech electronics for high end applications. Global Electronics B.V., which employs 35 people, assembles high-quality electronics for customers in industry, telecommunications, photonics, high-voltage technology, (petro)chemical and medical industries. The extra production line means that Global Electronics B.V. is expanding its capacity considerably. The new 'pick-and-place machine' is capable of processing 100,000 components per hour. "With this upscaling we will be able to meet the growing demand", says director Meino Toering of Global Electronics B.V. "Customers will soon also be able to purchase larger volumes from us.

More and more companies are taking back their production from low-wage countries or are considering to do so. Driven by recent developments, such as cyber security, the trade war between China and the US and Covid-19, it can be a safe idea to have production closer to home. Global Electronics B.V. offers this option. Reshoring bulk productions basically requires machine capacity and the confidence to produce in a cost-efficient way. We offer optimum supply reliability, excellent quality and short communication lines. Our business is imbued with our down-to-earth Dutch nature, combined with our local mentality of good neighbourliness.

High tech production of course remains a global market but there are plenty of opportunities to further improve our competitive position. In addition to expanding production capacity, we continuously invest in our professionals. But we also offer MaaS ( = Manufacturing as a Service), where we can organize the entire infrastructure around procurement and production for our customer. We do this by, among other things, investing in 'smart software tools' for processing a lot of the data needed to purchase the right components. In the end, you can then offer very competitive services. And that means: top quality, fast and at a competitive price. So we are well prepared for reshoring. And we prevent electronic components from being transported back to Asia and ending up in a product that is used in Europe''.

Global Electronics B.V. has ordered from Precitool-Fenwick and FUJI CORPORATION a so-called ''pick-and-place machine'', which will be operational in August. The machine is capable of placing very small components with high speed and high precision on a printed circuit board. Toering: "Because our own software knows how to find the right supplier with the best price for components very quickly, we keep the cost price low. In the case of large relays, transformers and cooling blocks, assembly will have to be done by hand. I therefore expect that we will eventually need more production people in Haaksbergen".

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