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Impact with PCBAs in different markets

Global Electronics B.V. is a high-tech company that has focused on the manufacture of PCB assemblies for almost three decades, serving the global electronics industry. We work for companies in telecom, medical electronics, photonics, aerospace, agriculture, high voltage systems and industrial services. We are your one-stop integrated production service provider for the procurement of electronic components, SMT and THT placement, PCBA testing and supply chain services.

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Electronics have not traditionally played a major role in the construction sector, yet this has been changing in recent years. Here too, Global Electronics B.V. can deliver products that cater to these developments and are optimally geared towards the tough conditions in this sector.


Electronics have historically played an essential role in the transport sector, and that role has become even more important over the past few decades. Global Electronics B.V. has the know-how and technology on hand which meets the high requirements that apply here.


When it comes to electronics for defence applications, reliability is doubly important: not merely the reliability of the equipment itself, but also the reliability of the manufacturer of these types of electronics.

Control systems

This field of business requires products of a very high standard and stability, given the fact that this hardware is used in hospitals, among other locations, and therefore may have an impact on the quality of people's lives.


The interaction between light (photons) and electrons (electronics) forms the basis of photonics. You can rely on our experience in this field.


Hardware installed in the vicinity of livestock used for monitoring feeding, counting the animals, detecting disease, etc., must meet strict requirements when it comes to reliability, stability and lifespan.

Aeronautics and aerospace

The air and space aviation industry is a field that requires more robust printed circuit boards compared to average electronics for day-to-day use.

Data security

DDoS attacks on banks and large institutions, hacks aimed at various companies trading in bitcoins - they are the order of the day. The arms race between security and malicious parties continues and the end is not (yet) in sight. We want to help you with optimum data security.

Measuring systems

Global Electronics B.V. is a producer of industrial measurement and control systems, but also makes zero-flux current measurement systems.


The medical industry - and rightly so - sets high standards to the quality and lifespan of its products. It is not without reason that these requirements are laid down in a specific ISO certification.

Internet of things (IOT)

Nowadays, the internet of things can't be ignored. It is expected that by 2020, more than 31 billion devices on planet earth are connected to the internet in some way or the other. Our products are part of that number.


Telecommunications entail more than just mobile and fixed telephony. They also provide crucial communication between emergency services or electronics that ensure a faster and more stable internet connection on your smart phone. The telecommunications field has no secrets for us.

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