Measuring systems


Global Electronics B.V. is not only a producer of industrial measurement and control systems, but also of zero-flux current measurement systems. Using this special measuring method, it allows us to measure (large) electrical currents without contact and with an accuracy of up to one millionth of the measured value.

With the zero-flux current measurement principle, you benefit from very high measurement accuracy with both AC and DC currents. This method is particularly suitable in scientific applications, where the need is high to measure currents extremely accurately.

This measurement system is used in the LHC particle accelerator in Geneva, as well as in nuclear research programs for nuclear fusion and applied scientific research. This is the case, for example, in the (direct) power cable between the Netherlands and Norway. The delivered power is determined here by measuring the electrical current at high voltages. Very high accuracy and reliability is desired here. We can deliver it.

The measuring principle is also applied in the production of manufacturing machines for the semiconductor industry. And finally, our PCBAs are used in products for the military industry.

When producing PCBAs for these applications, standards are further tightened so that the end product will be and remain safe, reliable and very accurate.


Not every PCBA design requires these kinds of strict rules. In general, they will not apply until the normal operating voltage of your product reaches or exceeds 30 VAC or 60 VDC. When your printed circuit board reaches these voltages or has a high density, you need special high-voltage PCBAs.

When producing high-voltage PCBAs, it is important to pay attention to the distance between the conductive elements on your circuit board. Any difference in potential between the conductive elements on a printed circuit board is a risk for both the product and your users. An experienced PCBA partner with experience in this field can make the difference. We are happy to be this partner for you.

BOM analysis

The purchase of materials is planned on the basis of a BOM. The parts lists are the guideline and the clear instructions per step reduce the risk of errors.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

During the SMT process, components are attached to the PCB because the contact pins come on the PCB instead of through the PCB, as with Through Hole Technology (THT).

Test & Repair

All PCBAs produced by us meet high quality requirements and undergo a number of checks and tests during the production process.

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