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Manufacturers of industrial products face many challenges in today's world. With increasing labor costs, higher precision requirements and greater efficiency, this sector is challenged. Industrial products require increasingly complex assemblies in which miniaturization of components also plays an important role. Global Electronics B.V. is able to meet the technical and logistical requirements of industrial PCBA's.

Electronics used in industrial applications must be stable, even under the most demanding circumstances and they require a long lifespan at the same time. Industrial PCBA designs and industrial printed circuit board products must therefore meet strict industrial SIL and IEC standards, have unique design characteristics and create shape factors for every industrial environment.

Industrial printed circuit boards

Industrial printed circuit boards last several years or even decades. Some of the components you have previously designed may become outdated. In case you need to upgrade your industrial PCBA, it will take more time to find suitable alternatives or substitutes. Not to mention the time spent on updating your service and component documentation.

Our design teams are there to help you. We buy your outdated components or, most importantly, we assist in reverse-engineering your old industrial PCBAs.


Our vendors (and EMSs in general) are global players with billions in sales. More than 100 million components are available and tens of thousands more are added every month.

Life cycle management

Product life cycle management (PLCM), or simply life cycle management, is a systematic approach to managing the life cycle of a product.


In addition to our PCBA assembly services, we can also offer a fully electronic and/or mechanical assembly for you. From subsystems, cabinet construction and complete box-building projects to the packaging and shipping of the products to your customers.

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