Bringing production back to Haaksbergen

More and more companies are pulling back production from low-wage countries or thinking about it. Driven by recent developments such as cybersecurity, the trade war between China and the US, Covid-19 it is a good idea to have production 'close to home'. Global Electronics B.V. offers you that possibility. Reshoring (volume) orders requires in essence machine capacity and the confidence to produce cost effectively. We offer you optimal reliability, quality and short communication lines. All this with 'Achterhoekse sobriety and drenched in Twents noaberschap'.

The total costs of production in low-wage countries are sometimes higher than expected. Labour costs are also rising there (particularly in China) and the failure and transport costs are higher than in the Netherlands. At Global Electronics B.V. we work transparently, so the total costs are clear from the start. Through unique software connections with our suppliers (APIs) we quickly understand the most competitive prices, available stocks and the best delivery times. This enables us to switch quickly and therefore produce at low costs, just in Twente. In short: plenty of reasons to opt for reshoring. Whether it concerns a new product or an existing product, we are always ready to help you.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. We prove this by achieving a first pass yield of 95%. The short lines of communication offer you the possibility to have specialists involved in processes. Their expertise at a detailed level improves your return on investment. Language is not an obstacle. This makes innovation much more accessible. Our experienced experts always think along with you.



Reshoring for a new Product

For a new product, we start with a thorough BOM analysis and make a prototype to determine where possible improvements can be made in the design or production processes. This enables us to launch your product even more successfully.

Resorting to an existing product

Thanks to a BOM analysis and by using specific software, we can deliver the best price by determining the optimum order quantity (economic order quantity). Our experience shows that this often results in positive surprises.

And what else?

We also offer MaaS services (Manufacturing as a Service), whereby we can organise the entire 'infrastructure' around procurement and production for you. In this way, we can unburden you and you can flexibly use our services from Twente.

BOM analysis

The purchase of materials is planned on the basis of a BOM. The parts lists are the guideline and the clear instructions per step reduce the risk of errors.


We understand the importance of a good quote. Due to the large amount of data and details, there is a risk of errors. We prevent this by starting with a BOM analysis to map out material costs.

Stock management

Being able to deliver quickly is an important goal in any line of business. There are a number of additional challenges when delivering a PCBA.


Our vendors (and EMSs in general) are global players with billions in sales. More than 100 million components are available and tens of thousands more are added every month.

Growing Together

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