From prototype to final product - all under one roof

Global Electronics B.V. has everything in house to produce your final product. From order-intake to final shipment; your product is quickly and professionally guided through our organization by optimized automation and our expertise. Our front-end engineers are always ready to assist you with the order intake.

High-tech production is and will remain a global market, but we see plenty of opportunities to strengthen our competitive position and our own proposition. We do this by continuously innovating and investing in our employees, our technology and our indirect processes. We support innovation by using financial dashboards, automated BOM analysis & quoting and finally an MRP system to optimise the supply chain. For these processes we use various software tools which enable us to work efficiently and keep the 'employee ratio' direct/indirect at a competitive level.

Work preparation then ensures the rapid integration of data into our systems, so that all departments can get to work quickly. From purchasing to machine programmers and from quality control to final shipment, even worldwide. Your project manager will keep you informed throughout the journey that the product makes.

Our specialists are at your disposal from the drawing board to the distribution of the final product. As a partner in the assembly of high-tech electronics, we will relieve you of all your worries. Besides the assembly, production and validation of both prototypes and serial productions Global Electronics B.V. also offers services that are important in the final stages of the final product.



BOM analysis

The purchase of materials is planned on the basis of a BOM. The parts lists are the guideline and the clear instructions per step reduce the risk of errors.


We understand the importance of a good quote. Due to the large amount of data and details, there is a risk of errors. We prevent this by starting with a BOM analysis to map out material costs.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

During the SMT process, components are attached to the PCB because the contact pins come on the PCB instead of through the PCB, as with Through Hole Technology (THT).

Through Hole Technology (THT)

In addition to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components, Global Electronics B.V. also processes THT, or Through Hole Technology components.

Test & Repair

All PCBAs produced by us meet high quality requirements and undergo a number of checks and tests during the production process.


Would you like to add a protective layer in the form of a selectively applied conformal coating? It protects the electronic control against external environmental influences, like moisture. We are happy to take care of that for you.


In addition to our PCBA assembly services, we can also offer a fully electronic and/or mechanical assembly for you. From subsystems, cabinet construction and complete box-building projects to the packaging and shipping of the products to your customers.

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