Extreme demands on reliability

Defence applications are perhaps the greatest challenge for any electronics manufacturer: it is literally a matter of life and death that equipment continues to function properly, even under the most extreme conditions. Temperatures from far below zero to almost boiling point in the blazing sun must have no impact, nor must moisture and dust. Mechanical robustness is another requirement. Equipment must be usable to the maximum, require minimum maintenance and be easily replaceable in the event of damage or loss.

Years of experience with challenging clients have ensured that Global Electronics B.V. has the knowledge and technology to deliver almost indestructible hardware. Printers can be built with components of the highest reliability class, they can be encapsulated in resin and advice can also be given on components for which perhaps a better alternative can be chosen - all in order to work together to achieve the most robust result possible.

Confidential projects

The requirement for high reliability also applies to the manufacturer itself. It is of the utmost importance that the underlying technological knowledge cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Global Electronics B.V. can achieve this through local, Dutch production and a careful selection of suppliers of components and other materials. Also strict production protocols are in place that guarantee confidentiality. Of course we can also supply 'milspec'-hardware to other industries that make very high demands on their electronic products.


We understand the importance of a good quote. Due to the large amount of data and details, there is a risk of errors. We prevent this by starting with a BOM analysis to map out material costs.

Life cycle management

Product life cycle management (PLCM), or simply life cycle management, is a systematic approach to managing the life cycle of a product.


Our vendors (and EMSs in general) are global players with billions in sales. More than 100 million components are available and tens of thousands more are added every month.

Growing Together

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