Aeronautics and aerospace


The aerospace industry is one that requires tougher circuit boards than those needed for average everyday electronics. The components used in aircraft, space shuttles, satellites and control towers must remain reliable under extreme conditions. They are exposed to some unusual conditions that would overload standard PCBAs. And when these essential components fail, the results can be disastrous.

That is why Global Electronics B.V. takes extreme precautions by using extra durable materials for air and space travel and also for military applications. It is our goal to contribute to making air and space travel safer.


In general, printed circuit boards do not have to be able to withstand extreme temperatures or radiation. When printed circuit boards for the air and space industry are concerned, though, they have to withstand much more than that.

Without printed circuit boards specially designed for space travel, mankind would never have been able to explore space or put satellites into orbit around the earth.

Global Electronics B.V. continues to develop the latest ways to make PCBA's more versatile, robust and reliable so that an aerospace PCBA needs less maintenance and works even more efficiently. Although a PCBA in aerospace is only a small part, this part is indispensable.

Life cycle management

Product life cycle management (PLCM), or simply life cycle management, is a systematic approach to managing the life cycle of a product.


Our vendors (and EMSs in general) are global players with billions in sales. More than 100 million components are available and tens of thousands more are added every month.


In addition to our PCBA assembly services, we can also offer a fully electronic and/or mechanical assembly for you. From subsystems, cabinet construction and complete box-building projects to the packaging and shipping of the products to your customers.

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