Impact on PCBAs for agricultural applications

Hardware installed in the vicinity of livestock used for monitoring feeding, counting the animals, detecting disease, etc., must meet strict requirements when it comes to reliability, stability and lifespan.

Often, these environments contain elevated concentrations of ammoniac, cleaning and/or disinfecting agents and many other products that may have an impact on the hardware's functioning. For years, Global Electronics B.V. has been producing the necessary hardware for a number of clients in this sector in a reliable and high-quality fashion. This assures a long lifespan and stable functions despite the difficult circumstances in which the hardware operates.

If needed, we provide additional protection for the hardware, such as conformal coating or potting resins - an extra service we offer and recommend.


The need for efficient, qualitative and safe PCBAs in agricultural production is increasingly tackled by the introduction of spectroscopic techniques during and after production. The robust and versatile characteristics that allow for field deployment, dispersive array-spectrometers, in combination with the inherent advantages of glass fiber sampling, ensure that this technology is increasingly applied in agricultural activities. The application of spectroscopy in botany, horticulture and agriculture allows for advanced spectral analysis of wave lengths that may be profitable for plant scientists. Using reliable PCBAs designed for agriculture is crucial to obtaining correct information.

Stock management

Being able to deliver quickly is an important goal in any line of business. There are a number of additional challenges when delivering a PCBA.


In addition to our PCBA assembly services, we can also offer a fully electronic and/or mechanical assembly for you. From subsystems, cabinet construction and complete box-building projects to the packaging and shipping of the products to your customers.

Life cycle management

Product life cycle management (PLCM), or simply life cycle management, is a systematic approach to managing the life cycle of a product.

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