Internet of things (IOT)


The Internet of Things can't be ignored these days. It is expected that by 2020, more than 31 billion devices on planet earth are connected to the internet in some way or the other. That is a great development, but it also entails the necessary risks. How easy is it to hack these devices and what information can be uncovered? This is a question that occupies many developers and scientists.

Global Electronics B.V. is committed to informing companies and individuals about this by organizing knowledge sessions about cyber security and by producing high-end security hardware that ensures your IoT devices can communicate in a secure way. In this way, we contribute to a safer world in which your personal data cannot be accessed by third parties just like that.


The PCBA world is rapidly innovating to meet consumer demands. People are increasingly interested in devices that are smaller, but process information faster, enabling new approaches to PCBA design. To ensure that devices are both smaller and connect to the IoT, there is more demand for flex and high-density interconnect (HDI) boards.

Flex PCBs are ideal for fitness trackers and other small devices because more components can be added to a smaller space. The use of flexible circuit boards simplifies complicated wiring and provides additional resistance when exposed to harsh environments. As board real estate decreases and routing density increases, HDI techniques such as blind and buried vias are used to enable complex routing. HDI design approaches have also resulted in lower power consumption and higher performance, making them ideal for IoT devices.


Our vendors (and EMSs in general) are global players with billions in sales. More than 100 million components are available and tens of thousands more are added every month.


Do you want to make a tangible product of your idea, as a concrete follow-up step in the product development process or as a separate project? Global Electronics B.V. will gladly arrange a prototype for you.

Through Hole Technology (THT)

In addition to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) components, Global Electronics B.V. also processes THT, or Through Hole Technology components.

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