Smarter construction for the future

Like virtually every other industry, the construction sector is increasingly using electronics. Concepts such as domotics and 'Smart Home' are becoming more commonplace, and are often already taken into account during construction. Another important aspect is energy management and the pursuit of an energy-neutral society. For this good insulation and other architectural measures are supplemented by new technology such as solar panels and solar boilers, heat pumps and various other techniques, which invariably involve advanced electronics. Global Electronics B.V. can provide the technology that contributes to this important development.

Security and surveillance

Electronics also play an increasingly important role in the construction process itself. Many building sites are secured by means of cameras and access control systems - equipment for which Global Electronics B.V. assembles printed circuit boards. These electronics are weather and wind proof, but are also in other aspects extra robust in order to keep working reliably in the harsh circumstances of a building site.

Other examples of developments in construction include smart tools and on-site inventory management systems that enable more accurate and efficient work.


Do you want to make a tangible product of your idea, as a concrete follow-up step in the product development process or as a separate project? Global Electronics B.V. will gladly arrange a prototype for you.


In addition to our PCBA assembly services, we can also offer a fully electronic and/or mechanical assembly for you. From subsystems, cabinet construction and complete box-building projects to the packaging and shipping of the products to your customers.


We understand the importance of a good quote. Due to the large amount of data and details, there is a risk of errors. We prevent this by starting with a BOM analysis to map out material costs.

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