BOM analysis


A lot of data is involved in the processing and analysis of a BOM (Bill Of Materials). The manual analysis of a BOM in electronics is prone to errors and very time-consuming. Our BOM software automates this process, providing a quick and accurate perception of the purchasing costs. Moreover, the reproducibility of the BOM and the production process is important to provide insight into the optimization thereof. Global Electronics B.V. helps you get the picture.

A BOM reduces the risk of errors

The purchase of materials is planned on the basis of a BOM. The parts lists are the guideline and the clear instructions per step reduce the risk of errors. All assemblies, intermediates and components that are part of an end product are clearly displayed in a BOM.

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)

Based on all the components that need to be ordered for the assembly of the PCBA, we are able to get a picture of what the 'Economic Order Quantity' (EOQ) should be for optimal purchasing in order to prevent residual material as much as possible. During this analysis we also look for possible alternative components.

Our method

Your data is processed in our ERP system.
We do this with specialist software that allows us to process the data quickly and efficiently.
This software also allows us to easily and quickly monitor revision changes.
We make a permitted manufacturer code list for each customer, which serves as a reference for the future within the software.
After fully processing the BOM, we can use our own APIs (Application Programming Interface) to determine the optimal price and order quantities for each supplier.


During the BOM analysis we use our own specialist software which enables us to purchase as efficiently as possible. This enables us to reduce costs via a wide range of suppliers. Transform big data into smart data' is our goal, because good and qualitative procurement with the help of smart software is our motto. We take into account the 'long lead time items', the components that have a longer delivery time than desired. In consultation with you, we look for alternatives to these items so that the desired delivery time can be achieved.

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