Life cycle management


Product life cycle management (PLCM), or simply life cycle management, is a systematic approach to managing the life cycle of a product. From design and development to final production. Our specialists help you make the right choices at the right time. This is a growing challenge with the development of digital ecosystems for integrated smart products. For example, how do we maintain a smart home, an independently driving car or an artificially intelligent process for decades to come?

Product Life Cycle Management stages:

- Beginning of life (BOL), which includes the new product development and design processes.
- Middle of life (MOL), including cooperation with suppliers, product data management and warranty management.
- End of life (EOL), when the product is discontinued, reused or disposed of.

Use our smart technology

The Product Life Cycle Management application from Global Electronics B.V. provides you with all the information that may affect a product. In addition, the application serves as a formal communication channel between the stakeholders of a product. By using our smart technology, you eliminate waste and improve efficiency. We would be happy to discuss this with you.


From an innovation perspective, the focus lies on the front end of the process: from idea to market introduction. From a life cycle management perspective, the work for the product manager only just starts: how do I ensure the best possible life cycle management? In other words, how do I get into the growth phase as quickly as possible, in order to grow to maturity in order to achieve a margin there? And how do I ensure that I can stay in that maturity phase for as long as possible?

In addition to an advice to shorten the time-to-market by delivering quickly and adequately, we can therefore also advise you on choices to be made during the entire lifespan of the product.

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