We understand the importance of a good quote. Due to the large amount of data and details, there is a risk of errors. We prevent this by starting with a BOM analysis to map out material costs. We use our own software for this, which enables us to offer the correct quantities at the lowest price. In addition, when choosing suppliers, you will not only have to take into account the price, but also the timely availability of components.

Save time and avoid surprises

Providing a quote quickly saves valuable time. The quality of the quote prevents surprises later on. It is therefore important that the data is correct and that options for reducing procurement costs are critically examined. Based on the choice of components, we can connect the right supplier in our network for this.

The process

- Determining material costs (BOM analysis and data analysis)

Before your design is final, have your BOM and design checked by us in terms of manufacturability.

- Production cost analysis

With the help of specialist software we can make a quick and clear production cost analysis. The total BOM and the data package are specified and analyzed.

Supplier choice

Price and the possibility to keep stock (on demand) play a role in this choice. In this process it is also important whether the supplier has the necessary ISO quality certificates.

More insight for you

Do you want to know more about the manufacturability and availability of the components for your product? We are happy to interact with you on this, for example by means of:

- DFT (Design For Testing)
- DFM (Design For Manufacturing)
- DFx (Desgin For Excellence) for early supplier involvement
- BOM analysis by smart software tools (Quote Architect / BOM Architect)
- Lifetime management of components

Prevent obsolete materials through smart procurement

Smart procurement starts with supplying good data, creating bill of materials with MFG part numbers and converting them to our ERP system. It often happens that people buy more than they need. We try to avoid any surplus materials as much as possible by determining what the optimum economic order quantity is for the best price. Our specialist software is able to handle an optimized minimum order quantity (MOQ) and economic order quantity (EOQ), so that obsolete materials are hardly ever an issue.

Our ERP system uses specialist software to set aside components in a timely manner so that they can be delivered to us or our suppliers on demand. As a result, you are assured of short delivery times and competitive purchase prices, which significantly reduces the time-to-market.  

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