Stock management


Being able to deliver quickly is an important goal in any line of business. There are a number of additional challenges when delivering a PCBA. Delivery times of components may be changed after an order. Sometimes shortages can arise at unexpected times. Add to this any obsolescence of components and the fact that an MOQ (minimum order quantity) is maintained, which can lead to unnecessary surplus stocks. All in all, not a standard challenge. Global Electronics B.V. helps you with your stock management. By using smart software we provide you with a good order advice. Ultimately, this saves you money.


An important aspect of stock management is to determine when and how regularly stock should be replenished. In doing so, we must take into account:

Delivery times
Volume benefits
- Investment costs in inventory (How can we minimize the capital requirement without putting pressure on delivery times?)
- Making end-of-life information available
- Recommend alternatives for critical components and components with a very long delivery time

That is why Global Electronics B.V. recommends to spend time on drawing up and evaluating an optimal inventory strategy once or twice a year. We have the right competences on board for this. Our goal is that products are delivered on time, right at once and at a competitive price. Don't you want that too?

Your stock and globalization

In these times, where globalisation and digitalisation are key elements, good stock management determines the success or failure of our collaboration with you. Delivering the right products at the right time (or within the desired timeframe), in the right quantities and to the right place; that is what optimal inventory management is all about. Because of the disadvantages of globalization (dependence on others, unpredictability) we also see many companies opt for reshoring; bringing production back to the 'home' environment. We have a lot of experience in this area. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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